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4 Signs Your Carpet Needs Replacing

Nothing lasts forever – and that goes double for things that are walked on day and night! When well looked after, modern carpets can last for many years, but even the best will need to be replaced eventually and, depending on how well they are maintained and how they are used, the day may come around quicker than you’d hoped. Is My Carpet on Its Last Legs? Each home has unique factors that determine if a carpet should be replaced or better maintained. Here at 0420 Carpets we have put together a few clear signs that your carpet is beyond [...]

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Everything You Need to Know about Carpeting Your Home

So you want to carpet your home? Well done on making a great choice! Carpets are softer and more comfortable to walk on, can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home, provide insulation, make great play spaces for kids, and can even reduce the risk of injury in a fall. But choosing the right carpet for your home isn’t always easy. You need something that suits your home’s existing colour scheme and decor, that fits your price range, and that will be durable enough to give you long lasting enjoyment without constant repair. As one of Sydney’s top carpet suppliers, [...]

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Carpet Tiles: The Future Of Carpeting

More and more architects, designers, homeowners, business people, and carpet suppliers in Sydneyare choosing versatile, durable, and pragmatic carpet tiles over traditional rolled out carpets. Generally speaking, carpet tiles cost a little more than ordinary carpet, but they more than compensate in flexibility, longevity, and ease of repair. In almost every application, from boardrooms to libraries, schools to the home, nylon carpet tiles are the most practical option, and they also allow for unique aesthetic choices that are impossible with traditional carpets. Easy to Transport and Install Carpet tiles are much easier to handle than their broadloom counterparts. They can be [...]

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4 Amazing Options for Synthetic Carpet Fibres

The vast majority of carpets these days use synthetic fibres, and with lower costs and great features like high durability, stain and spill resistance, and a huge range of colours and styles, it’s not hard to see why. 1. Nylon: The Classic Synthetic Carpet Nylon carpets are the original and most popular synthetic carpet fibre around. They are tough, stain and fade resistant, and versatile enough for a wide range of styles and uses. Nylon carpets also look great, almost as good as wool, but cost a fraction of the amount. Pros of Nylon Carpets Excellent resiliency over time [...]

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5 Easy Steps for Choosing Excellent Commercial Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your commercial space can be difficult. There are so many options out there, and the considerations are quite different when choosing carpet for an office or hotel lobby rather than a home. The experienced team of Sydney carpet suppliers at 0420 Carpet have created this handy guide for buying commercial carpet to help you make the right choice. The Benefits of Carpet There are many types of flooring you can use for your commercial space, but carpet and carpet tiles are often the best choice. Carpets are more comfortable to walk on, provide insulation, [...]

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How Carpet Can Save You Money and Keep Warm This Winter

With winter looming and the cost of utilities in Sydney rising, choosing the right carpets for your home is a great way to stay warm and save money. Floors without proper carpeting and insulation are major sources of heat loss, especially of you have floorboards. Without carpeting, floorboards can account to 15-20% of heat loss from your home – up to 30% if the boards don’t meet properly and let in draughts. Preparing the Ground Although a good carpet is essential to keeping your home warm throughout the winter, it will be more effective if you take some [...]

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Carpets for Hospitality – Busting Some Common Myths

If you’ve ever worked in hospitality – whether in a pub, a club or somewhere in between – you know that it’s a highly demanding industry. Workers often pull long shifts and go to extraordinary lengths to make the customer feel like they’re right (even when they’re not!) Hospitality isn’t just demanding for the workers though, but for the buildings they work in too. The floors in these buildings are regularly subject to spills from eating and drinking, as well as wear and tear from regular heavy traffic, and even dancing! With this all going on, the hospitality [...]

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Keeping Cool With Carpet – the Smart Way to Beat the Heat

There’s nothing quite like beautifully designed hardwood floors. Their long planks of wood and hues of red and brown evoke a sense of warmth all throughout the home. The only problem is, that warmth tends to disappear when you walk barefoot on those floors in the winter. The same thing goes for tiles. While their pristine whites might have you thinking about a European summer, their icy touch will leave you feeling like you’re living through a white winter. In wintertime, you simply can’t go past carpet for a combination of style and practicality. When it comes to [...]

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Corn Fibre – Your Unexpected Ecofriendly Carpet

When it comes to environmentally friendly home furnishings, interior decorators are spoilt for choice. In the world of hardwood flooring, many people prefer the strength and classic beauty of bamboo. Other people opt a taste of Portugal, choosing the warmth and natural look of imported cork for their flooring. When it comes to carpets, though, many people don’t seem to think there is whole lot of a choice. For natural, organic and ecofriendly carpet, most people simply turn to wool. Wool and wool blended carpets are a great option for many homes but they don’t suit everyone’s décor or lifestyle. Wool [...]

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Your Guide to Carpet Cleaning around Christmas Time

Christmas time is almost upon us once again and for families all around the country this means many things. There will be parents desperately shopping for gifts, children counting down the days and party planners cooking roasts and uncorking wine. Yes, there are many wonderful things to enjoy around the festive period, but there are often unavoidable accidents too. With wine and gravy comes spills and stains on carpets that never seem to want to come out. We believe that the holidays should be a relaxing time for everyone – most especially for humble carpet owners. That’s why [...]

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