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Wool and Wool Blends Carpet

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Wool is a premium carpet choice for your Sydney home. Wool is a highly durable natural fibre that will last you for years. The environmentally friendly carpet is biodegradable and a renewable source, it holds antibacterial properties due to the natural fatty acids hidden in wool that hinder the growth of mould and mildew. Therefore is a perfect option for rooms that are more likely subject to spills and stains. Wool carpet is not only soft to the touch but they keep you warm and cosy during winter and cool during the summer season.


  • Natural
  • Excellent appearance longevity
  • Flame retardant
  • Improves air quality


  • Expensive
  • Easily absorbent
  • Difficult to remove stains
  • Shedding and Shading
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What are the Benefits of Wool Fiber Carpet?

Wool carpets are some of the most popular flooring materials in the world, and for good reason!

With a history that stretches back over 2000 years, wool is one of the textiles and fibers humans are most comfortable working with. Wool carpets are beautiful, comfortable, take advantage of natural materials, and provides an extra layer of insulation you just aren’t going to get out of other types of carpet material today.

On top of that, wool floor materials are able to hide dirt and debris a lot easier than many of your synthetic fabrics today. Because wool has more of an opaque fiber to it spotting dirt and debris is pretty tough, helping your carpets book brand-new and perfectly clean in between cleaning sessions.

Strong and resilient, the yarn used to produce wool rugs and carpets today is able to withstand the kind of heavy traffic that modern synthetics cannot take, either. Wool floor coverings are going to last a lot longer without looking worn out and beat up as well, another big bonus.

How Much Does Wool Carpet Cost?

Wool rugs are definitely a little bit more expensive compared to your more traditional synthetic fiber carpets, carpets made out of nylon, polyester, and other modern textiles.

You should expect to spend anywhere between two times and three times (sometimes slightly more) investing in wool carpets compared to the same sized synthetic fiber options – though the benefits of these carpets almost always outweigh the extra expenditure.

How Long Does Wool Carpet Last?

As we highlighted above, wool rugs and carpets are going to cost a little bit more upfront but you are going to get more than your money back over the lifetime of your wool floor covering investment.

Wool rugs and carpets that have been woven by a machine can easily last between 20 years and 30 years (if not even longer) without showing any sign of wear and tear or degradation, provided that they have been cared for and maintained along the way.

Hand tufted wool rugs and carpets can last even longer than that – with some lasting as long as 60 years or more before they start to show signs of age. Try finding a synthetic carpet that blasts any longer than 15 years without looking significantly worn out.

Is Wool Carpet Easy To Clean?

A wool rug or carpet can totally transform an interior space, adding a durable yet soft material to your floors that changes not only the way a room looks but also the way a room feels – especially if you’ll be going barefoot.

At the same time, you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you take it easy on your wool rugs when it comes time to clean and maintain them. This isn’t a time intensive or really delicate process to be sure, but you don’t necessarily want to just run a vacuum cleaner across the top of your wool floor coverings and potentially destroy the delicate fibers woven into these carpets.

Instead, you want to use a vacuum (without a beater bar) and gently vacuum the surface of these carpets only a couple of times a month – maybe four times maximum. Any more than that and you will be taxing the fibers in the carpet more than necessary, wearing it out a lot faster than you would have otherwise.

Stains are going to have a tough time setting up on wool rugs and carpets to begin with because of the natural materials of this fabric, but if they do start to set in your going to want to attend to them ASAP with the right cleaning solutions to get the job done without damaging the underlying fibers.

Different stain types are going to require different approaches, but a general rule is to use warm water and a gentle dabbing motion with a soft rag rather than scrubbing away at your carpet furiously.