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Bedroom Carpet

What is the best kind of carpet for bedrooms?

The kind of carpet you choose to fill your bedroom from wall-to-wall is critical, as it’s going to be the last thing your feet touch before you slide into bed each night and the first thing your feet touch when you wake in the morning.

Quality bedroom carpet choices are going to be incredibly soft and luxurious, perfect for those that want to go barefoot or those that like to slide into slippers or socks at the beginning and end of every day. A plush carpet is going to have a softer, cushioned feel that adds a lot of soft texture to a bedroom space as well – helping it to feel more relaxing and inviting.

Top-notch carpet should also be warm (but never hot) and easy to maintain. These carpets can be a little bit more towards the stylish end of the spectrum than those that are installed in high-traffic areas, too, really letting you play with different textures, patterns, and colours.

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How much does it cost to carpet a bedroom?

A couple of different things are going to come into play when you’re looking to figure out the costs of carpeting your bedroom in Australia, but the biggest factors are going to be:

  • The type of flooring material you choose as prices differ between polypropylene, nylon, blends, and wool
  • The carpet style you end up choosing (cut pile, loop pile, combination pile, etc.)
  • The square metre calculation of the bedroom that you are going to be filling with carpet
  • The installation costs you be asked to spend to have experts get your new carpet laid perfectly

… And that’s the tip of the iceberg!

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Should you have carpet in your bedroom?


Carpet in the bedroom is always a smart decision, particularly because it softens spaces that are by their very nature supposed to be restful, relaxing, and a bit of a luxurious oasis – as well as a private space for yourself in a home that might otherwise be filled with communal spaces to share with friends, family, and guests.

Carpet also helps to soften the transition between going to bed and waking up with something nice and comfortable underneath your feet. Waking up to the harshness of a rock hard surface – and a cold surface when the winter months are here – is always a lot less pleasant than sinking your feet into the cloud-like surface of quality carpet.

Bedroom carpet designs and what colours to consider

Neutral colours are always a best seller in the world of carpeting, and for good reason.

You are talking about choosing a colour for one of the most important interior design elements of any space, particularly a space that the eye is going to be naturally drawn to. Carpeting in your bedroom is going to be a dominant force in the overall aesthetic and atmosphere your bedroom enjoys – so you want to make sure that you aren’t going with something too big, bold, or brash if you’re going to have a lot of personality with your furniture and decor choices as well.

Dark colours are usually avoided in bedrooms because it is so easy for them to show dirt and debris. Super light coloured carpets should probably be avoided as well, because any dirt or dust will certainly show up like a sore thumb as well.

Simple designs definitely lend themselves better to bedroom spaces as opposed to busy or overly ornate designs on your carpets.

What to consider when choosing bedroom carpet?

At the end of the day, the key things you want to consider before choosing any carpet for your bedroom are:

  • The mood and aesthetic you are looking to create with this interior design choice
  • The budget that you have available
  • The carpet choices you are able to pick and choose from

… And the rest of the inside information we shared a love!