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Whether in our homes or our offices, floors are some of the largest and hardest working surfaces we have in our property. They face heavy traffic, accidental spills and more, so it just makes sense that they are durable and look nice. For long-lasting, luxurious floors, you can’t go past Floors To You carpet. Our carpets are highly affordable and we have a wide selection that are perfect for commercial or residential locations.

With more than 30 years of finding the perfect carpet, Floors To You can help you with your choice too. Browse our online collection or organise for our mobile showroom to come to you today. We’ll send a carpeting expert and our great variety straight to you, making getting a great floor easy.

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How do I choose the right carpet colours for interior spaces?

One of the most important things you’ll have to focus on when purchasing new floor coverings – especially new cheap carpet – is the colour and the texture of the floor coverings you’re moving forward with.

Nothing else in a space (aside from the colour of the paint you put on the walls) will have as dramatic and impact on how a room looks, how a room feels, and what the overall atmosphere or ambience of that interior ends up as.

The right colour and the right texture for the type of aesthetic and atmosphere you are after will bring a room together seamlessly. The wrong colour or the wrong texture will throw your space into disharmony and it won’t be anywhere near as warm or as welcoming as it could be or should be.

Really think about what you want each individual space to feel like and the overall aesthetics you’re shooting for and your colour choices become almost effortless to nail down.

What should I focus on to find great carpet options for my rooms?

There are a couple of different things you want to think about before you settle on any one particular floor covering, including (but certainly not limited to)

  • The kind of carpet prices you will be asked to pay (including installation)
  • The type of textile used to produce the floor covering in the first place
  • The durability and longevity of the floor covering you’re going with in the kind of traffic it will have to handle
  • The feel of the carpet or floor covering, particularly on your bare feet

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to purchasing floor coverings. You’re really going to want to work with a floor covering experts like our own to find not only the perfect options for your specific needs, but also the best cheap carpet prices that won’t break your budget along the way!

What are the important considerations to focus on when purchasing floor coverings?

Before you settle on ANY floor covering purchase you need to consider:

  • Where is this carpet going to be placed inside of your home and what kind of traffic is it going to be subjected to? High-traffic areas – walkways, hallways, and in rooms that are frequently used – will wear out floor coverings a lot faster than those with lower traffic levels.
  • How often are you likely to be barefoot on this carpet and how important is the way it feels under your feet – with or without socks and shoes – for your overall comfort level?
  • Are you going to need a floor covering that has built-in stain resistance or is this lower on your list of buying criteria?
  • How important is the eco-friendliness of the materials used in your new floor coverings to you versus the price of cheap carpet that uses modern synthetics?

How do I know if my new carpet is durable?

The overwhelming majority of top-quality floor covering options today have a durability rating that you will be able to use to gauge the longevity expected from these carpets, though experts like the ones we employ will also be able to help you find more durable options that will last two or three times as long as more traditional carpet choices.

Wool carpets are incredibly durable (machine and handspun options alike) and provide the kind of luxury look and feel you just don’t get out of cheap carpets that take advantage of synthetic textiles.

There’s something about the premium, classic look of a wool carpet that sets rooms apart almost immediately – and the fact that they can last a lifetime or longer with proper maintenance is really something special.

What makes the carpets available from Floors To You so special?

For years now we’ve been working to offer one of the widest selections of flooring materials available in Australia direct to consumers, making sure that they are able to take advantage of top-tier carpet prices that will not break their bank account while still providing excellent quality carpets, including woolen options, that add a lot of style and a lot of substance to interior spaces as well.

We only choose floor covering materials that are resilient, durable, and provide a high level of performance while at the same time adding more than a little bit of flair and flavor to interior spaces.

We offer a rainbow of colours, a multitude of textures, and a variety of different textile and fiber options for discerning homeowners that want to really control the way their floors look and the way their floors feel.

Best of all, we work side-by-side with each and every one of our individual customers to make sure that they end up with the perfect floor coverings for their specific needs and their specific budget. We do not take a one size fits all approach to this kind of purchase, recognizing that it is a substantial investment and is close to a permanent fixture in someone’s home as can be.

If you’re interested in learning more about the floor covering options we make available here at Floors To You we encourage you to browse our online product catalog.

If you have any questions whatsoever about the materials we make available, the products we provide, or the prices that we are proud to offer we’d encourage you to contact us directly at your earliest convenience so that we may assist in any way possible.

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Are you searching for a beautiful woven fibre to reinvent your living room? Maybe you need a high-performing solution for your office halls or your reception area. Whatever your needs, we have a carpet that’s perfect for you. Best of all, we pride ourselves on providing a range of affordable carpets – no matter your needs. These include: