//3 Types of Carpet to Consider for Your Investment Property

3 Types of Carpet to Consider for Your Investment Property

When it comes to furnishing an investment property, there are a range of things that you need to consider. Not only do you want to create a welcoming environment for tenants, you also want products that are affordable and easy to maintain. One of the most prominent features of an investment homes is the floor, so making the right choice with this surface can go a long way.

A great place to start is by looking into carpet – a flooring option that’s generally known for its affordability, durability and attractiveness. To help you find the perfect carpet for your rental property, we’re going to outline three strong options and why they’re a potential perfect fit.

1. Nylon for Foot Traffic

Floors are for walking on, and if you’re a lucky landlord you’ll have tenants walking all over your floors for many years to come. The only problem is that constant wear and tear can affect the quality of your floor and bring down the overall appearance of a room. This is why nylon carpet can be an effective solution for investment properties.

The fibre of nylon is highly wear resistant – especially when it comes to foot traffic, meaning the great look of your rental carpet will be retained longer. Speaking of look, these carpets come in a range of colours, which means you can easily complement it with the existing décor of the house. With added stain and soil protection, nylon can handle extensive tenant usage. One thing to consider though is sunlight. Most nylon carpeting doesn’t have UV protection, meaning they are prone to fading in the sun. If you have rooms that are exposed directly to the light, nylon might not be the best option.

2. Polypropylene Beats the Budget

Probably the most important element of investment properties is your ability to make a profit. The easiest way to do this is to choose a carpet that’s both affordable to purchase and easy to upkeep. Polypropylene carpets strike this balance perfectly, providing the lowest priced carpet on the market with a range of features that cut down on maintenance costs.

Polypropylene is hard wearing, easy to clean and suitable for high traffic areas. It even has built in stain resistance that can withstand strong chemicals. Even if your tenants are young families, polypropylene will be able to withstand spills and accidents. Coupling poly carpet with low impact furniture is also a good idea, as it is susceptible to crushing and matting, so best to avoid this carpet if you tend to attract tenants with lots of heavy, bulky furniture!

3. Corn Fibre – a Look that Lasts

Choosing a durable, long-lasting product is one thing, but making sure that it feels fantastic is another. Corn fibre gives you both of these things, helping your tenants feel right at home. Made from tritexta corn fibre, this carpet is pet-friendly, stain-protected and much more. The luxurious homemade fibre is also fantastic to the touch, meaning your tenants won’t ever want to leave. Give them a home they will want to take care of, and you’ll be giving yourself a quality, long-lasting investment.

Our Verdict

All of these carpets excel in different areas that make them each ideal for investment properties.  If a low price tag is your number one priority, then polypropylene is the way to go. Alternatively, corn fibre has the most luxurious feel, while nylon will handle foot traffic and tenant wear and tear for years to come. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom.

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